Cultivating a Sense of Abundance in a Yoga Class

Cultivating a Sense of Abundance in a Yoga Class

become a yoga instructorBy: Virginia Iversen, M.Ed

Ideally, each day should be filled with joy, peace and abundance. As a way to honor and complement the abundance of the season, it is very uplifting to also create a sense of abundance in your Yoga class. This abundance can come in many ways. Cultivating an internal and an external sense of abundance will help your Yoga students to resonate with the highest energy of the season. A peaceful, expansive sense of abundance will also help to offset the frenetic pace of the consumer and social aspects of many holiday gatherings.


In order to create and nourish a sense of abundance in your classes, you, as a Yoga teacher, must first align your internal being with a sense of gratitude and abundance. A grateful heart and spirit generates a tender and expansive sense of fullness that will easily be translated to your students. There are many ways to fill your heart and mind with gratitude. Some teachers like to keep a gratitude journal, while other teachers may prefer to take a minute or two before class to bring to mind three things that they are grateful for each day.

As your mind and heart fill with gratitude for the abundance and blessings that surround you, you will naturally help your students to shift into that state during Yoga class. Additionally, before your students arrive, you may wish to prepare the Yoga studio in an inviting and abundant way by making sure the studio is warm, clean and adorned with some objects of beauty and light. These objects may include statues of deities, flowers, plants, beautiful fabrics just outside the studio doors! Essentially, by creating an atmosphere that honors the beauty, serenity and abundance of the season, you are inviting your students to resonate with the same beauty and peace.


In addition to cultivating a sense of abundance through your own positive state of mind and a nourishing atmosphere, you can also help your students to move into a state of abundance through the Yoga asanas you choose to teach. Back bending poses are some of the most effective Yoga poses for opening up the entire front of the body, including the heart and throat chakras. When these chakras are open, a sense of abundance begins to flow naturally. Back bending poses also dramatically increase the flow of pranic energy throughout the body, which will help to cultivate a sense of abundant energy and well-being in both yourself and your Yoga students.

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