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What a Yoga Teacher Should Know about Acupressure

yoga certificationBy Sangeetha Saran

If you are right in the middle of Yoga instructor training and you see this title, you’re probably not interested in studying another subject right now. In the near future you may become interested in healing methods that work well along side a Yoga practice. Wellness center’s tend to use more than one approach to help their clients find solutions for reduced pain or becoming pain free.

Acupressure and Yoga are two kindred practices that have been around for thousands of years. They are both used to reduce tension and anxiety and increase positive energy. Actively combining the two practices in order to help heal the body is something that can be accomplished by doing a bit of research and getting in tune with your body. Strengthening the mind-body connection is something that Yoga training is known for and there are simple poses that can help to reduce pain as well as gain flexibility.


The human body has points all over that are known as trigger points for certain systems and organs. For example, there are trigger points on the body that are associated with relieving insomnia, headaches and joint pain. Pressure is applied to those points on the body that correspond with the ailment or issue. There are many Yoga postures that can be practiced as a way to access certain trigger points in order to relieve certain types of conditions. Yoga can be used as a way to self-heal, especially through regular practice and by paying attention to what your body is telling you.

Many of the trigger points for comment ailments can be found in the neck and shoulder area. One of the more common poses used to treat shoulder issues and to relieve tension is Bridge pose. But it can do more than just strengthen the shoulders; it can also have a positive effect on other areas of your body due to the acupressure points that can be accessed during the pose. Pressure points that correspond to the gallbladder, the bladder and even the immune system can all be affected in Bridge pose, too. It is important to keep the all of those systems in strong working order, because if they are not it can lead to any number of problems.


Reflexology is a form of acupressure that is done using the hands and feet. Learning the points that correspond with certain areas of your body can help to promote healing and positive energy. Using Yoga and acupressure together is like having a serious powerhouse of natural healing that can be used by almost anyone. Using the body to heal itself and feeling good during the process is definitely something that is worthwhile.

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