Yoga Instructors and World Peace

yoga trainingBy Jenny Park

How much can becoming a Yoga instructor change your life? Yoga, a is healing art that originated in ancient India, is a comprehensive philosophy that incorporates mental, physical and spiritual health. In the 21st century, scientific researchers are validating its ability in the field of modern medicine, and millions of people are embracing the practice.

While there is little doubt that Yoga improves the quality of life, the word itself is such a broad term that vague references to the mind, body and spirit seem cliché. In today’s culture, the benefits of Yoga training can refer to anything from world peace to alternative treatments for hypertension.


Like any form of methodology, Yoga is not without controversy. However, much of the debate likely stems from the fact that words themselves mean different things to different people. After all, what’s not to like about feeling calm and being healthy?

While the intent of a Yogic lifestyle is to incorporate all of its branches, many people still benefit from bits and pieces of its original principles. Of these, the most common are breathing techniques, postures and meditation. Whether they’re performed in an ashram or a hospital, all three have the ability to improve overall well-being of individuals and groups of individuals.


Other limbs of the practice encourage clean living, sense of community, honesty and connection to a higher power. These tenets are familiar to us because we see them in all great teachings. As Yogic methodology makes its way into schools and homes, its potential to create a more compassionate, less violent societies offers hope and crosses the boundaries of politics and religion.

On a personal level, every person who practices Yoga training must determine his own goals. Is it to improve physical health or lower the level of stress hormones in the body? Maybe it’s part of a recommended recovery program for cancer victims or a spiritual practice for a well-bodied soul seeking to maintain a sense of balance in a crazy world.


On a global level, peace and compassion begin in our hearts and spread to our homes and communities. As the world grows smaller, the potential of caring individuals to create a positive impact looms larger. Yoga teachers  have many skills that can facilitate the process of a less stressful and more peaceful world.

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