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yoga instructorBy Jenny Park

Many would never consider yoga, as a cure for jet lag but for those who travel often it can be a blessing. Jet lag includes immense stress, fatigue, irritability, and in some cases depression. Practicing select asanas before, during and after a vacation or business trip can eliminate jet lag altogether. Yogic exercise can make for a more productive workday or a more enjoyable vacation. One of the benefits of practicing yoga while away from home is the unique and inspiring settings that can be found in new places. It’s true that one can draw the energy and peacefulness of their surroundings.


Since stress is a huge factor for anyone who travels often, the best type of yoga for jet lag is Hatha. Hatha allows for long, slow relaxing poses to soothe the mind and body. Be sure to instruct students while holding the poses for long periods to clear the mind focus on your center and release any and all stress. Child’s Pose, Cat pose, cobra pose, downward dog, extended puppy, plank, and corpse poses when done is a series are perfect for jet lag relief. It’s best to avoid any difficult poses, as it’s important to focus on relaxation rather than challenges.

In addition to instructing on poses, there are other tips that can be provided to students with jet lag. As always a healthy diet and plenty of water are important. Another trick is not to take any naps when adjusting. When tempted to nap, that is the best time to practice yoga and allow the poses to invigorate and awaken your body so that you can better adjust to the new time schedule. A great pose to engage in right when waking up as well as before bed is to invert your legs up the wall while lying on your back. Arms can be flush by your sides, stretched out open, or above your head; whatever is most comfortable. Hold the pose for at least fifteen minutes then go to bed.


Practicing yogic exercise as a routine part of travel is a sure way to avoid jet lag, and improve overall health and well being as well. It may be a challenge at first but the benefits are definitely worth the end result.

Side Notes for Yoga Teachers

If you don’t travel much, all this talk about jet lag seems unimportant.  Yet, during yoga teacher training we learn how to help others with stress, insomnia, fatigue, irritability, and depression.  All of these are side effects from traveling.  For more information about yogic solutions  for health problems, visit our yoga teacher training forum.  Visit the forum for yoga and specific health conditions.


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