Yoga for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

yoga instructor trainingBy Shahid Mishra

As early as 1999, the “Journal of the American Medicine Association” (JAMA) reported that Yoga can have positive effects on carpal tunnel syndrome. A condition that affects people who do jobs requiring continual repetitive movements with their hands, fingers and wrists, carpal tunnel probably results from the compression of nerves in the wrist. Not only is the disorder uncomfortable, but it is also expensive for employers whose workers are unable to perform their duties at work.


In the 1999 study, 25 people who suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome, along with contributing factors like muscle weakness and poor posture, practiced a regimen consisting of 11 postures designed to strengthen and stretch affected joints. Results showed that Yoga was more effective than not treating at all or simply splinting the wrist.


More recent research at the University of Pennsylvania found that Iyengar-type Yoga sessions conducted two times per week for eight weeks strengthened grip strength and reduced pain in carpal tunnel patients. According to “Yoga Journal” magazine, these exercises involved sequences designed to stretch, strengthen, and balance joints in the upper body. Emphasis focused on improving alignment and increasing blood flow to the shoulders, arms and wrists.


Due to the high cost of carpal tunnel in the workplace, employers should be happy find a less expensive to traditional medical treatments like drugs, surgery or injections. The exercises may also help to prevent carpal tunnel in the first place and deter the occurrence of symptoms.

When it comes to counteracting the less serious effects of carpet tunnel syndrome, poses that reverse the repetitive motions are effective. This means opening the nerve channels in the arms by extensive stretching and toning the wrists, arms, hands, neck, shoulders and upper back.


Asanas that Relieve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain

• Namaste Pose, both in front of and behind the torso

• Mountain Pose

• Eagle Pose

• Bow Pose

• Warrior II Pose

• Bharadvaja’s Twist

Asanas that Can Potentially Aggravate Carpal Tunnel Symptoms

• Downward-Facing Dog

• Upward-Facing Dog

• Cobra Pose

• Plank Pose

• Table Pose

• Wheel Pose

When practicing Yoga for therapeutic purposes, it is always best to consult a medical professional and work with experienced instructors who have the time and knowledge to address individual concerns.


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