Can Power Yoga Reduce Body Fat?

reduce body fatBy Bhavan Kumar, CYT 500

Can yoga reduce body fat? A healthy diet is integral to a healthy body. Eating more fruits and vegetables and less processed foods are key elements to healthier living. Reducing body fat through eating less and exercising is also part of living a better lifestyle. Being overweight is associated with a number of health issues including heart disease, diabetes and even depression. It stands to reason that reducing body weight and unwanted fat can lead to reducing the risk for a number of ailments and diseases, but can Power Yoga reduce body fat?


Healthy weight loss is achieved by not just reducing the amount of calories we eat but also by burning the calories off through exercise. Cardiovascular workouts are a key element to reduce body fat. Power Yoga has emerged as one of the best all over body workouts available today. Doing Power Yoga can elevate your mood, strengthen your body and is a great way to relieve stress. It is definitely a viable option toward reducing body fat while at the same time gaining muscle weight. Regular participation in Power Yoga sessions can also add some variety to your workout program, as no two classes are ever the same. This is because Power Yoga doesn’t follow a set series of poses, which is great for people that can become bored during exercise.


Diabetes and heart disease are two very serious ailments that can be directly contributed to being overweight. However, these risks are significantly lowered as weight loss continues. In fact, diabetes can be completely eradicated through weight loss. The power of healthy living can often have positive short term and long-term effects on our bodies. Practicing Yoga, especially Power Yoga, can help achieve those beneficial effects.


Sometimes, the thought of weight loss can seem like an insurmountable task. Taking it one day at a time is really the best way to get through the process. Losing body fat is a gradual process and there are a number of variables that can help you shed pounds. A healthy diet, regular exercise and patience are just a few of the tools, which can help you with losing weight. Doing Power Yoga can be a positive step in the right direction to improving holistic health, building cardiovascular strength, and looking better, while losing fat – not to mention the healthy mental attitude that often accompanies regular Yoga practice.

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