Back to Yoga – Goodbye Irene

Just a brief note to let all of you know that we are fine. After Hurricane Irene left, she took the power with her. Aura Wellness Center does not have electricity or internet capability, at the moment. The entire city of Attleboro is also without electricity. National Grid has notified us that we could have the lights back on in 3-7 days.

With that said – we were lucky that Irene was a Tropical Storm, by the time she reached us.

Email is the best method of contacting us, as we do have staff at remote locations, who have internet capability and are able to answer your questions.


There will be a delay in answering phone calls, as we are unable to access them in real time.

The courses will still be shipped, manually, through the Providence, RI Post Office.

All the best to you and yours,

The Staff at Aura Wellness Center

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