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yoga teacher certification courseBy Faye Martins

There may not be a cure for AIDS, but there are steps that may be taken to slow the progression of this difficult disease. The best part is that these complementary alternative medicines may be used in conjunction with modern treatments to yield better results overall.

For those with AIDS, stress is a main trigger in addition to the virus itself since stress causes a rapid increase in the destruction of CD4+ T lymphocytes. The disease’s rate of progression is determined by the speed of the CD4+ T cell deduction. Any treatment that can safely reduce stress levels without side effects will be of great benefit for individuals suffering from AIDS, potentially lengthening the lifespan dramatically.

Within Yoga, pranayama has been studied for its positive effects on stress and is recommended as an effective treatment for a variety of stress and anxiety disorders. As such, pranayama is an excellent practice to undertake for those suffering from AIDS.

Yogic pranayama is both breath awareness and manipulation. In our modern culture, poor breathing practices are an everyday occurrence with the majority of people taking short, shallow breaths. This breathing naturally promotes a more stressful state because the brain associates this type of breathing with life threatening fight or flight situations. This low boil of underlying stress leads to heart disease, obesity and a variety of other issues. For an individual with AIDS, the stakes are much higher since stress directly influences the speed at which their disease progresses. Reducing stress is essential.

One of many positive aspects of pranayama for AIDS is the fact that it is possible to practice throughout the course of the illness, unlike many other physical activities. Pranayama requires attention, force of will and patience but it does not put heavy demands on the physical body. Yogic breathing is perhaps best practiced in a comfortable seated or supine position and this is a bonus for those living with AIDS.

Anyone with AIDS should consider practicing pranayama on a daily basis. While everyone may benefit from a good teacher this is even more the case for those with AIDS because there is no room for trial and error in their situation. A good teacher is essential. With a good teacher, the patient will be performing pranayama correctly from the very start.

The medical community has long been embracing complementary alternative medicines for those with AIDS, and hopefully this trend will continue long into the future. Thanks to new innovations in medicine, those with AIDS are living longer than ever before. Pairing cutting edge medicines with the ancient, simple wisdom of Yoga leads to a synergistic effect, which results in a longer, healthier and happier life for those with AIDS.

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