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Low Cost Yoga on a Budget

yoga certificationBy Amruta Kulkarni, CYT 250

With surging gas prices and an uncertain economy, stress is part of everyday life. Yoga is a great antidote, but sometimes the people who need classes the most are unable to pay for them. Others see Yoga sessions as a luxury, when times get tough. Believe it, or not, there are ways to enjoy the benefits while staying within the budget.

For those who have experience, a mat and a pillow may be all it takes to start a regular Yoga practice at home. Setting aside a designated time and getting together with friends help to establish routines and encourage motivation. Videos, streaming television channels, and podcasts provide low-cost options with a variety of styles and challenges.

Even an illustrated book can do the job. Some online websites offer free instruction, guided meditations, and breathing exercises. Yoga Journal, for example, not only has general articles and videos; but it categorizes exercises according to anatomy, therapeutic benefits, levels of difficulty, and contraindications. Also included are helpful tips, safety procedures, and modifications for advanced postures. Other websites cater to particular kinds of Yoga, and Aura Wellness Center covers the gamut.

Traditional options are still popular, and most communities have one or more organizations that provide enrichment courses at relatively low prices. The YMCA is a classic, and so are adult education and community colleges. As Yoga becomes more widely accepted, many churches and hospitals are cashing in on the benefits, as well.

Even senior centers and homeowner associations have on site classes for their members. Free or inexpensive Yoga classes are sometimes offered on beaches or in parks. These are usually advertised in holistic publications and often carry the added bonus of meeting like-minded people and spending time in nature – another way of reducing stress.

Online networks, such as Aura wellness center, are good places to look for free Yoga videos. Visit: https://www.yoga-teacher-training.org/category/videos/

Low cost Yoga is a reality.  Some neighborhoods have Yoga groups that meet informally and charge no fees. If there is no local get-together, starting one is free and easy. All it takes are a few interested people and a place to meet. Often members host in their homes, and these gatherings become social gatherings.

Last but not least, some Yoga studios periodically offer free classes to the community. Others give discounts for monthly memberships or package deals, and a few Yoga centers have a sliding scale for fees in extenuating circumstances.

It is always a good idea to have a knowledgeable person to guide you into new Yoga techniques and to make sure that everything is being done safely and properly. However, many gentle stretches and simple postures can safely be self-taught. With a little ingenuity and effort, anyone can afford to take up Yoga.

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