Why Consider Prenatal Yoga Programs?

prenatal yoga programBy Carla Y. Faulkner

When Amy heard about a couple prenatal yoga programs in town, she felt it should be something to check into. She had never tried yoga before, but her sister-in-law Ashley was a regular and had tried to get her to go. Thankfully, her physician had said she could incorporate light exercise into her life, and this is why she hoped yoga would be the thing to help her feel better.

The past few weeks had been difficult for Amy, as she found out she was pregnant. She was of course excited about having a baby, but she was already tired of feeling poorly. Unfortunately, she had been hit with morning sickness, and it came at various times throughout the day.

Why should you think about prenatal yoga programs?

– Participating in prenatal yoga will keep your body limber and in shape, as well as ease the countless tension always building up in the muscles. It is the perfect workout if you want to tone the muscles and prepare your body for the experience of labor. You will appreciate the positions that strengthen the pelvis. Enjoy walking or other light exercises and your body will stay in ideal shape.

– This activity can teach you proper breathing, meditation and relaxation exercises. This comes in handy once the labor pains become difficult and it is hard to breathe during contractions.

– As you get bigger, your balance can become a problem. This is why you must move slowly and try not to stay in a pose for very long. After the sixteenth week, don’t lay flat on your back anymore, because you could get sick or become dizzy.

Before you attend a prenatal yoga class, clear it with your doctor. This is necessary, especially if you aren’t used to working out prior to pregnancy. Most pregnant women don’t have a problem and can enjoy yoga without any difficulty.

Know your limitations as you progress through pregnancy. At first, there won’t be too many problems, but they can develop as you get larger. You shouldn’t do any inversions or try any new routines. Know it is okay to take a break when you feel sick or feel tired.

If you are pregnant at 40 or pregnant at 20, your body will stay in shape and get an emotional boost when you participate in prenatal yoga programs. The best place to find information is online or through a yoga instructor.

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