Know the Benefits of Yoga

Know the Benefits of Yoga

yin yoga instructor training courseBy Kimaya Singh

If you teach yoga classes, you had better be ready to explain the benefits of yoga to the public. These days, yoga is a topic of discussion everywhere you go. One of the key components that people praise about yogic methods is that they provide a wonderful way to fight stress. No matter what kind of yoga teacher you are, what age range you teach, stress is going to tear people apart. Yoga is more than a simple fad; it’s a strategy that benefits those who need help learning stress management.

Yogic Lifestyle

Studying yoga, historically, was not simply a way of exercise. People felt that yogic methods were so beneficial to their lives that they would take it on as a lifestyle. It included healthy eating habits, work, social interaction, and a philosophy rooted in being a well-rounded person of good health and ethics. That already sounds like a good enough reason to take on today’s yoga, which has become much more open to those with not a lot of time on their hands. Basically, proper breathing, good posture, and meditation are very accessible to a busy person’s schedule.

Why Should Yoga Instructors Know the Benefits? 

Maybe you feel like teaching yoga is not selling. People must know the benefits by now. Why do you have to explain the obvious? You’re a yoga teacher and you don’t want to feel like you’re selling a car! I understand, but prospective students will still ask you, “What’s in it for me?”

Yoga is both a physical and mental discipline with many different forms, difficulty levels, and is accessible to a variety of ages. Students are taught different techniques such as posturing (asana), meditation, and, quite importantly, they are given breathing exercises (pranayama). These breathing exercises are very important when it comes to stress relief. Truly, yoga can aid all students in their discipline. It is a great way to release tension in the body and calm the mind from any sources of stress and anxiety throughout the course of a normal day.

The Method

Of course, yoga is more than just a calming exercise. It is also a tool used to strengthen the body and improve health. It is no secret that people do not have a lot of free time to hit the gym, jog around the neighborhood, or participate in intramural sports. It is open to people of all ages and experiences to use. The best yoga instructors can teach anyone. All techniques can be modified to each participating individual. There are plenty of  ways to teach yoga classes and still make each student feel comfortable.

What Your Students Should Know About Yoga’s Health Benefits

Many students practice yoga as a way to relax and find inner peace. In fact, it is catching on so much that many students and young people use this discipline. However, for others, it takes convincing. Luckily, when explaining these four benefits, a yoga instructor can excite prospective students and convince them to give it a try.

Stress: When faced with a lot of stress, some young people like to drink too much. While this helps, it is not a healthy and long-term solution to fixing the issue. However, when doing yoga in the morning or evening, a person will have attained a higher level of relaxation. With this, a student will have more energy and will not run around in circles with stress.

Blood Pressure: At the same time, when doing yoga, one can lower their blood pressure. Since a person will do plenty of poses and see their heart rate rise, their blood pressure will drop. Now, it may not go down significantly; however, it can, without much work, drop a few points. This is extremely beneficial as some young people have slightly higher blood pressure than normal, and a five point drop will help their health tremendously.

Flexibility: When a person has flexibility, they will not experience as many injuries and can complete activities and sports at a higher competitive level. To increase flexibility, one should attend sessions a few times a week. Over a few months, most students can get into postures that they could not have in the past. This is excellent for a student to know as, over time, older folks lose their flexibility

Muscles: Now, many will scoff at the idea; but, when practicing yoga over the long haul, a person will gain plenty of muscle density. This is especially true for a beginner who does not play other sports. With muscle gains, an individual can speed up their metabolism and avoid gaining weight in the future. Furthermore, this will help a person excel in other sports and have more energy throughout the day. Without a doubt one should consider adding a yoga posture session a week to their routine if he or she wants the benefits of a toned body.

Explaining the Benefits

People, young and old, get plenty of out yogic practices. Anyone looking to get into great shape should consider signing up for a local yoga school. When doing so, a person will take a step in improving his or her health. Aside from reducing stress, yoga training increases flexibility, improves fitness, improves awareness and concentration, increases both strength and stamina, improves posture, balance, and stability, and can even manage chronic conditions like high blood pressure. Remember, yoga is accessible to anyone no matter the location; students can learn to develop a home practice and they will always return to your studio because of the atmosphere and community you create.

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