Yoga Safety Measures and Advice

Yoga Safety Measures and Advice

learning how to become a yoga instructorBy Sheryl Eleazar

Yoga is a very popular fitness program among many of us. It provides the mind and body with great benefits. Yet, in order to achieve those advantages, we need to keep in mind and practice some safety and precautionary measures in our health program.

Yoga is best done and practiced before eating your breakfast. When you wake up in the morning, the first thing which you probably would do is to go to the bathroom to answer the call of nature. After that you may take a quick shower to freshen up a little. Off then you can proceed to your yoga routine. Another ideal time for doing yoga is during the early evening when the sun is on to setting. Yet you are free to perform yoga on anytime of the day that will suit you and your schedule. It is better to stretch out your muscles even when the sun is on its peak height rather than let your body stay rigid because of a missed time.

The best place where you can practice yoga is in a clean area where you can indulge in fresh air and silence. This combination will enhance your concentration and make you become more aware of what you are doing. When practicing yoga in an outdoor place, you must ensure that you are free from insects and cold winds. Never practice yoga under direct sunlight or when you have just finished sun bathing.

Unless specified in the instructions, you need to breathe only through your nostrils. If you have nasal congestion, it is better to first consult with your doctor about the proper cure before performing yoga.

Yoga is suitable for people of all ages but the techniques and positions for every age may vary. When you are on drug medication, it is advisable for you not to perform yoga. Same thing follows when you have just taken alcohol and is still in effect in your body system.

If you have disabilities, whether chronic or acute, you should first consult with your doctor if yoga is appropriate for you to take. This is imperative so possible difficulties and dangers may be evaluated. Another good thing about yoga is that it is not diet specific. This means that you can take yoga regardless if you are a vegetarian or a smoker.

Injuries may also arise from yoga malpractice. If your position is incorrect or have done the position incorrectly, this will lead you to injuries. Yoga is and should not be taken as a form of competition of whoever can do more positions will win. You have to take extra care of certain body parts like wrists, knees, neck, back and shoulders, whenever performing yoga to safeguard your health and good condition.

While making yoga positions, try your best to focus and be aware of what you are performing. Concentrate on yourself and not on other people or things around you. Always be careful with every position that you make and take your time in doing them, making sure that you are following the instructions carefully and at heart. Do not force yourself in doing all positions. There might be some positions that you will find difficult to do but do not strain yourself on it. When you are feeling uncomfortable, it would be better to leave that position behind and proceed with the others.

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  1. In order to achieve the advantages of yoga practice, we must need to keep in mind and practice some safety and precautionary measures and for this issue this article is very informative, Thanks for sharing.

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