Yoga Is Not Necessarily Religion And Spirituality

Yoga Is Not Necessarily Religion And Spirituality

yoga student education issuesBy M. T. Cruickshank

Looking to submit my new blog to some directories this morning, I was mildly annoyed to see that yoga was only filed under religion and spirituality on some of the well-known directories. Really, what about health and fitness?

Personally I do yoga to improve my health. Plain and simple, it’s the benefits to the body that prompts me to enjoy my yoga practice. I have to wonder whether there are not more people in the world doing yoga because they are scared that it is contrary to their religion or will corrupt their beliefs. Doing yoga poses does not have to do with any philosophy of life and spirituality. Instead yoga poses performed regularly will improve your health.

Sure, there are people that profess the inward dimension of yoga and how it affects the psyche of a person. That is understandable because there is a level of commitment and discipline that all people who practice yoga must accept because yoga will not be beneficial to your health just being done once. Instead, yoga must be performed consistently for anyone’s health to improve.

Using yoga poses as physical activity of the human body can be one of the best things that a person can do for their health. It releases tension in the muscles and organs. Yoga increases flexibility and elongates the muscles. A yoga practice improves a person’s breathing and therefore helps the lungs function. It also moves the lymph fluids throughout the body which moves the waste out and away from your organs.

One personal benefit that I have experienced from yoga is migraine headache management. The frequency and intensity of my migraines has decreased significantly since I began consistently practicing yoga.

Expanding the viewpoint of yoga and its health benefits is something of importance. There are yoga poses that will improve anyone’s health. The moment that this form of physical activity is classified as religion narrows the opportunity to share the health benefits.

M.T. Cruickshank has been practicing yoga for over ten years.

A yoga practice improves health plain and simple. To be able to eliminate health problems and feel better should be reason enough to begin to do a regular sequence of yoga poses.

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