Yoga in Everyday Life

Yoga in Everyday Life

By Jerry Golez

Practicing Yoga helps us to stimulate our body system. It helps us stay fit and improves blood circulation therefore it reduces skin disorders and other ailments. The true essence of this practice is to elevate our life force. It aims to achieve this to a series of mental and physical exercises. The mental level involves meditation and breathing exercises to discipline minds. The physical aspect however deals with a variety of yoga postures called Asanas that keeps our body healthy.

The main goal of yoga is actually to help us to transcend ourselves to reach enlightenment. As some practitioners say, “A person is said to achieve the union with himself is perfectly disciplined if he gets freedom from all the desires and absorbed by himself alone”.

Yoga is a way of living and not a religion; it aims to have a healthy mind and a healthy body. We are all in a mental, physical and spiritual being. It helps us to promote balanced development of the three aspects. Some other form of physical awareness is to exercise can only assure only physical well-being, yoga comes in a different way. Yoga has something to do with our astral and spiritual body. Yoga practitioners do believe that there are some points that yoga facilitates in our body; it recharges our body with cosmic energy.

Practicing yoga can attain a perfect harmony and equilibrium of our body system. It gains self-healing and removes all the negative vices in our minds and toxins from our system. Performing yoga exercises increases self-awareness and enhances our personal power. It also reduces tension and stress in the physical body through the activation of nervous system then helps us in concentration and attention, which is important for our kids.

In yoga meditation, we can bring up the activities of our mind into focus that results a peaceful mind. Yoga can help us to center in stress relief. In conclusion, yoga has its own role in preventing a lot of disorders and promotes healing processes as well that has been developed even before and found to be very effective.

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