The Oath of a Kundalini Yoga Teacher

The Oath of a Kundalini Yoga Teacher

oath of a kundalini yoga teacher

By Kimayah Singh

What is the most important duty of a yoga teacher? What should we be teaching our students about the purpose of yoga? At its purest level, yoga is a way to connect with the self. The asanas, breathing exercises and meditation found in most classes are simply a tool for understanding and loving your own unique soul. In some ways, modern yoga practices have moved away from this ancient wisdom. Many studios and gym classes focus on physicality and ignore the spiritual side of yoga. For Kundalini yoga teachers who honor their oath, forgetting the true purpose of yoga is impossible.

I Am A Teacher

Every Kundalini teacher takes the following oath and lives by its words:

“I am not a woman. I am not a man. I am not a person. I am not myself. I am a teacher.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

These words mean that teachers ignore their individual beings to dedicate themselves to a loving practice that honors students. Kundalini teachers do not care about their own egos; the only goal is to uplift students. If a session is going poorly or if a student is struggling to master your favorite move, you must let go of any negative feelings and do what the student needs to succeed. Otherwise, you will never master the true meaning of Kundalini yoga.

Spiritual Awakening

Stretching the body, mastering a complicated asana or working up a sweat are not the goals of Kundalini yoga. Instead, students and teachers work together to unlock spiritual growth and summon positive energy. You must use meditation, chanting and pranayama (breathing exercises) to aid your students in reaching their inner soul and developing beautiful strength.

Serve As A Vessel

As a Kundalini teacher, you are a vessel, not a creator. You will learn yoga asanas that have been developed over thousands of years and passed down from Yogi Bhajan to you. Sharing these teachings with your students is a solemn duty. You cannot cut out meditation because it takes too long or eliminate pranayama because you don’t like it. You must share the original, sacred teachings. In Kundalini yoga, your individual preferences are not important; only your students matter.

The Kundalini teacher’s oath is not taken lightly. You must fully understand the loving meaning behind the words before speaking the oath. You are a teacher who will share the life-changing truths that you have learned from those who came before you, and your students will prosper from your dedication.

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  1. The Kundalini teacher’s oath is not taken lightly. A teacher must fully understand the loving meaning behind the words before speaking the oath. Thanks for this nice posting!

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