Yoga and Dance Expression For Children

Yoga and Dance Expression For Children

By Mata Jaya

Yoga and dance expression classes for children are a fun and creative way to develop psychomotor, cognitive and social affective skills in children.

Through yoga, children learn to be aware of their own body and natural breathing. By way of the yoga postures, called asanas, presented trough imitating animals, objects and forms, they practice concentration and physical discipline in a fun way. They also learn mudras, mantras and pranayama, which are great tools for mental concentration and relaxation.

Using dance expression as an extension of the yoga class increases the possibilities for play, imagination, (self) expression and creativity. The practice of dance expression provides us some additional topics such as body awareness in relation to dimensional and spatial awareness, choreography, rhythm and music.

Part of the classes are dedicated to game assignments in group dynamics, stimulating the ability to participate and collaborate for a joint project. Encouraging respect, understanding and interaction with others.

As children are practicing for some time, they can increase their capacity to concentrate, anxiety and nervous disorders are being removed and aggression is being reduced. It can also increase strength and elasticity of the muscles. The practice of yoga and dance expression helps to relax physically and mentally, and helps to get rid of excessive energy. Creativity is encouraged, as well as self-confidence and self esteem, which adds to a balanced growth process.

Through the practice, children can learn how to cope with stress, conflict situations and everyday problems, which are frequent in today’s society. Yoga and dance expression can be a wonderful support for children in their long road to physical and mental mastery, helping them to develop themselves as a positive and balanced, self-conscious person.

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  1. Using dance expression as an extension of the yoga class increases the possibilities for play, imagination, self expression and creativity. Its really valuable posting, Thanks for sharing.

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