Yoga – Eccentric Mechanism For Replacing Drugs

By Charu Mehta

How about beginning a day with the blessings of ancestors? One biggest gift and blessing to the new generation is the art of living with Yoga. This ancestral and traditional way of exercising is not only making the body free from various diseases, but is also making it possible for the people to avoid drugs and other medicines. The universally accepted benefits of this art form is making it popular and is also being recommended by the medical professionals for minimizing the use of medications in curing diseases.

Yoga! It is not just a way to exercise, but it helps to improve immune system too. This fact is known since ages. The exercising techniques and the various postures used to perform this kind of art are externally easy and can be done anywhere anytime. Some efforts to learn such exercises can actually pay in the long run. It helps to maintain body weight, body shape, decreases the probability of heart diseases like stroke and blood pressure and also helps in curing diabetes and asthma.

Health Benefits of Yoga

Among so many disorders affecting people worldwide, blood pressure, increased cholesterol and heart attack are very common problems. It has been found that people suffer from such troubles due to multiple factors like unhealthy eating habits, environmental factors or may be due to stress. Performing some basic exercises of this art can reduce cholesterol and prevent blood pressure and heart attacks.

It has been medically proven that Kapalabhati Prayanam helps to strengthen the diaphragm and due to its extensive breathing techniques, it purifies blood and increases blood circulation all over the body. It works like a magic for asthmatic and blood pressure patients.


Obesity! It surely scares everyone globally now. Yoga mountain pose is a complete set of postures from standing to sitting and involves all muscles of the body. It tightens the thigh muscles, stiffens up the knee caps and calf muscles of the body. This can facilitate people in keeping their body toned up and free from extra fat.

Poor Concentration

People who often complain about poor concentration, lack of interest and stress can now benefit from these yogic exercising principles. The art of deep inhalation and exhalation in numerous postures helps to meditate and keeps away all those negative symptoms and distractions.

Personality Development

A hump back and lean body often reflects a non-confident and inferior structure. People who lack tone and confidence in their work often feel depressed which enhances a great inferiority complex in them. Practicing such art form can help them in building confidence and making their body immune against various diseases. This can even assist them in handling extreme work pressures, thereby performing better in the professional fronts.


Diabetes is another ailment that is affecting every second person, even the children. Yoga acts as miracle for the patients of diabetes. It helps to regulate the release and production of many hormones like insulin and thus regulates the blood sugar levels. So, when a simple art form has so much to offer, then why not introduce this effective technique in the daily schedules from today.

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  1. Performing some basic yogic exercises can reduce cholesterol and prevent blood pressure and heart attacks, overall it can be used as drugs alternative, Thanks for sharing this nice article.

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