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Yoga For Busy Moms

yoga certificationBy Jenny Park

There could be no better workout regimen than yoga training for a busy mom. Whether you are a busy mom, or know a busy mom, you are aware that there is one constant – stress. From running kids to school, activities, the homes of friends; from doing homework, rushing to the store for school and lunch supplies, the activity is nonstop. As enjoyable and rewarding as it is, moms tend to lose themselves while putting everyone else first. Unfortunately, this can lead to depression, anxiety, and even sickness.

Once mom has taken the first step, to learn a yoga practice and make time for herself; there is still the problem of finding that time. Most believe the best time for yoga is early morning or just before bed for at least a half an hour. It could be before the kids wake up, or after they go to sleep. This is the perfect time to rejuvenate the body, mind and soul to face the day, or wind down after. At least thirty minutes is suggested, but any time is better than none at all. She can also focus on restorative poses like Child’s Pose, or simply meditate.

Although it’s important for mom to attend at least one studio class a week, for instructional purposes, there are many resources for at-home practice including DVD’s, books, phone apps, video games, and on demand cable shows. If all that is impossible still in her mind, then there is no reason why she cannot include the kids. There are mommy and me or family yoga classes that she can do together with her children. What better way to avoid the guilt of leaving them, and instill the good habit of yoga training at an early age?

Yoga is completely safe for children as long as they are doing it correctly, and that is where a certified yoga instructor can help. Both mom and her kids should be encouraged to execute poses at their own pace, with gentle instruction that makes practice fun. Of course, depending on the age of the child their attention span may determine the effectiveness. Nevertheless it is a good place to start. Once the benefits of regular practice are realized, it is hard to stop! Most practitioners confess that their whole life has been improved by taking up practice. All it takes is the initial commitment and time, and anyone can do it.

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4 thoughts on “Yoga For Busy Moms”

  1. I agree, when benefits of regular practice are realized, it is hard to stop. As someone who practiced daily before I had children it has been a struggle to find time to fit in regular yoga practice with two young children. When I do regularly I feel happier, calmer and more together.

    It makes me a better mom!

  2. The best time for yoga is early morning or just before bed for at least a half an hour and this time is very appropriate for busy mom. Thanks for sharing this nice article.

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