Yoga Exercise For Healthy Joints

By Bernard H Y

Joints are the connections between bones. Primarily consisting of fibrous tissues and cartilage, joints help you move your fingers, bend your knees and elbows, and stretch your back among many other functions that make you an active and mobile human being. Exercising your joints is important to having a healthy and pain free body. Yoga offers several exercises that help you to keep your joints healthy. The various asanas help your joints to stretch which releases a lubricant known as synovial fluid. This fluid keeps the joint of your bones healthy and lubricated and also helps prevent arthritis. Here are some yoga exercises you can follow:

Basic Movements – These simple yoga workouts are for beginners as well as the sick or elderly. The neck exercises are called the Kanthasnachalana and help to increase stamina and flexibility of neck muscles. The shoulder asanas are called the Skandhasanchalana which help the shoulder and back muscles. The hand workouts are called Hastasanchalana and help in maintaining healthy joints in your arms and shoulders. Lastly the leg movements, called the Padasanchalana help build strength and flexibility of hips and arms. These basic movements can be performed by anybody without supervision of any experts.

Back asanas: There are several back exercises in yoga which help you relax your spine and helps it make supple, strong and healthy. These exercises are called Tadagasan, Swastikasan and Januhastanasa. These are not basic exercises and you would need an expert to help you perform these.

Asanas Involving legs: The leg drills in yoga help you stretch your leg and hips muscles and joints, thereby helping you prevent joint pains and keeping them healthy in the long run. These exercises are called Pavanamuktasana and Ekpad Sahajasta Bhujangasana.

The yogic exercises stated above are some of the many which help you to keep your joints healthy and prevents any degeneration and other problems till old age. However, Yoga like any other form of exercise, when done incorrectly can hurt you. Therefore it is very important that you consult a physician and a reliable Yoga instructor before you start.


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  1. Exercising our joints is important to having a healthy and pain free body. Yoga offers several exercises that help us to keep our joints healthy. Thanks for sharing this helpful article.

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