Yoga Business Marketing 101

By David E Morgan

Many yoga teachers do not like to do any form of marketing for fear of seeming pushy.

That is all well and good, but here are a few things to consider:

Expecting classes to fill with no outreach is arrogant, even if you polish your attitude with a spiritual veneer…

Guilt over charging money for yoga means you may not value what you do, so why should anyone else…

And not letting the community know about the many ways you can improve their lives is simply irresponsible!

Consider your marketing efforts as a form of service work

If teaching yoga is your career, then you are in the solutions business – you have answers for stress relief, weight loss, fibromyalgia, you name it!

But can the people who need you even find you?

As yoga teachers, it is our job to make yoga available. It is our responsibility to share our knowledge and skills to help others. And, with a little marketing, you can do just that! Reach the people who need you. And let the money be their way of thanking you. There has to be an exchange of some kind, or you will burn out from playing the martyr.

After all, even the most selfless swamis in India are supported by their communities — they may not be paid by check or credit card, but all their needs are provided for. Your job now is to build a community to nurture with your skills — and be nurtured in return.

Traditional advertising no longer works for the yoga business

Very few people use the phone book to look for yoga. Same goes for print ads. They simply are not cost effective. Most people will look for the services you offer on the Internet. The trick is to help them find you!

I know I have wasted a lot of money on yellow pages ads, advertising in local alternative health magazines, newspapers and so on. The ad representatives who call on you promise results. But results are usually nil, and you get stuck with a huge advertising bill.

Sometimes you might think that if you had a bigger advertising budget, you wouldd get more students. But the simple fact is, traditional advertising does not work.

Well here is good news for you. There are cheaper, easier, and much more effective ways to attract new yoga students than using print advertising. Some are completely free, and work like gangbusters.

Your best advertising is word of mouth, and your location — both your actual address where you have a street sign (if you have a studio), and your location in Google searches.

Even if you do not own a website, there are still ways for your offerings to be found on the Internet.

Here are five free ways to attract more yoga clients from the web

Write press releases for your events and services and distribute them on press release distribution sites.

Create a Facebook Page for your yoga business. Invite friends to join your page, then post your yoga classes and workshops. This is a great way to get word out about your events.

Post your classes, events, and therapeutic sessions on Craigslist.

Write yoga articles and distribute them through article directories like EzineArticles.

Create a YouTube account and post videos about your yoga expertise.

Get started with these free online marketing tools, and you are certain to attract new clients to your business, make more money, and enjoy a great yoga career.

David Morgan is a yoga webmaster and experienced teacher. 

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  1. Thank you David and Paul for making this kind of information available. I admit it’s hard for me to ask for payments. Let alone figure out how to market my yoga teaching.

  2. The best advertising is word of mouth, and the location, Some of free internet tool can help to promote yoga business and help people to find your service. Thanks for sharing this valuable guideline.

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