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Yoga Gurus – Recognizing the True Ones

By Neena Dayal

Yoga gurus or yoga teachers, as they are frequently called in the Western world are difficult to find. Yoga has great potential for saleability, all over the world. Therefore, many times it is seen that people with just simple knowledge start acting as yoga gurus. Many so-called yoga gurus take undue advantage of keen inclination of the people for learning yoga. They do more harm than good in the process. Hence, it is extremely important to recognize true gurus or yoga teachers and eliminate the false ones.

Some yoga teachers have great credentials and impressive degrees. Even then, learning from them may not be fruitful. Just knowledge of yoga is not sufficient. A person also has to be a good human being. Yoga is most beneficial when it is an exercise in spiritual growth.

Some pointers given below give good foundation to make the right choice.

• True yoga gurus are never boastful. The first and foremost qualification is that they are very humble.

• True ones never have a sense of pride of their knowledge of yoga. In order to become a true guru one must renounce all sense of pride.

• True yoga gurus are never ambitious. They are neither driven by forces of competition, success, and money, nor they are interested in glorifying themselves with false titles.

• True yoga gurus do not need to demonstrate their yogic powers in order to win over disciples. They have already mastered all the beneficial aspects of yoga. So, yoga in all its wonder becomes an integral part of their lives and they may not even have to practice it every day.

• Many times, it is seen that the gurus start considering themselves greater than others who do not know about yoga. They actually go against the most basic teachings by doing so. True ones understand perfectly that they are not superior to others. Instead, they develop a deep need to share their knowledge for the betterment of human beings.

• True yoga gurus attain deep stability of mind. They are never disturbed by anything. This does not mean that they are unaffected by their surroundings or things do not hurt them anymore. It simply means that they understand the ephemeral nature of things and so do not worry too much. They have the knowledge that the nature inclines toward stability and sooner or later things change for the better. This knowledge keeps their temperment unwavering.

A good yoga guru can change the outlook of your life. Hence, it is very important to choose the right teacher if you wish to learn yoga and experience the bliss of a great life force unleashed within and all around you.

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